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Love: FingerPaints Gel Polish

Purchased by me. Affiliate links.

I stopped by Sally Beauty to pick up some Clairol Shimmer Lights for my newly blond hair and couldn't resist grabbing some new gel polishes from FingerPaints. I picked up Charcoal Drawing as well as Fine Arts Auction, which may be my new favorite color.

I've only been wearing it for a few days, but it's a duo-chrome that leans bronze and violet with a touch of iridescent blue and green sparkle. When I applied the polish, it didn't creep away from the edges the way so many gel polishes tend to do. While I used the base and top coat from another gel manicure set (along with the light), it seems to have worked perfectly. However, I'm told by nail-aholics that theFingerPaints base is amazing.

Are you doing a gel at home or still going to the salon? What's your favorite gel polish?

Pick up any of the wide assortment of colors from Sally's Beauty for $10.99/$9.99.

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