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SPONSORED: Five Uses for Klorane Non-Aersol Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk



Klorane's Non-Aerosol Dry Shampoo has long been one of my favorites. Sure it's formulated with softening oat extract and oil-absorbing polysaccharides to clean hair without water in a matter of minutes, but it does so much more.

Since it's non-aerosol and you control how much you use, it's one of those products that you should carry with you at all times. Before we talk about uses, let's discuss how the product actually works. You open the product by twisting the top of the bottle to clockwise. You then squeeze the bottle to release product in a puff of air. Squeeze fast and hard for a quick burst or slower and softer for a gentle puff. Now that we have that out of the way, here are five uses for Klorane's Non-Aersol Dry Shampoo.

1. Obviously, use it to control the oil and dirt in your hair. Apply the powder to roots, massage into the hair and thoroughly brush your hair. You'll want to make sure none of the white is showing, so be sure to brush your hair really well!

2. Clean hair isn't always best. When you want to do a voluminous updo or even a pretty pony, sometimes you need a little extra "grip". This dry shampoo is perfect for those times. Because there are no chemicals related to an aerosol, the product isn't sticky or hard to work with. You can apply it to the roots for added volume or in sections of hair where you need a little extra grip. Because it is white, be careful not to use too much and only apply to the bottom layers of hair. Think of this dry shampoo as a hard working foundation garment.

3. In a pinch, this powder also helps feet from slipping and chafing in new shoes. Just apply a little powder to the affected areas and boom! No more chafing or slipping.

4. If TMI is not something you're interested in, turn away now. If you are a big breasted woman, pay attention. For days where things might get a little moist (you know what I'm talking about), this is a great quick way to prevent it. A little goes a long way, so squeeze gently.

5. This also works temporary wonders if you find yourself in the midst of some painful chub rub. It happens, so let's not pretend it doesn't. If your thighs touch a little too much and start to cause a little (LOT!) of discomfort, this gentle powder will help soothe the chaffe as well as create a little bit of "slip" so you won't have to slow down one bit.

 How have you used this dry shampoo? Any fun uses I don't know about? Share your secrets in the comments!

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